Sharpen Your Memory With Herbal Medicines

You can train your brain to store more information and to retrieve them more quickly. With continuous practice you can improve your memory. You diet also plays a major role in improving the capacity of your brain. A lot of minerals and vitamins are specifically proved to improve your capacity to hold and retrieve information. Vitamin B 1, B3, B6 and B12 are proved to be the best in improving your memory.

Green leafy vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids will also enhance your memory. Sleeping for about seven hours is essential for your brain to relax. According to the nature of work you perform the amount of sleep required will also vary. Memory consolidation is an important function in human body, for that you require adequate amount of rest. To refresh and to enhance the capacity of brain you should take supplements that are the best for it. Antioxidant containing food products and medicines are proved to be the best for it.

Herbal medicines can be chosen for your personal use only after ensuring the quality of it. Superior quality medicines containing natural products can be a best choice. Herbal medicines are very safe to use. They will not provide any allergies or give you side effects. The exotic composition of the medicines in the products will help your brain to improve its capacity. These herbal medicines have the capacity to improve the oxygen flow to the brain thereby helping in the memory consolidation process. Your concentration will also improve and your energy levels will be boosted.

Driver Education – How Drugs Affect Driving – Cough Medicine

Many parents who warn their teens repeatedly not to use illegal drugs are unaware of the temptation and risk posed by over-the-counter medications such as cough medicine. But cough medicine provides an inexpensive, easily accessible high to one out of 11 teens, according to the Partnership for a Drug-free America. And teens are often ignorant of or in denial about the risks posed by over-the-counter medicines which, they reason, are safe and legal. A 2008 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study indicated that only 45% of teens think taking cough medicine to get high is hazardous. Teens may not consider that though dextromethorphan (DXM) is safe to take in the recommended 15-to 30-milligram dose, they are likely to consume 360 milligrams or more in the effort to get high.

The effects of overdosing on DXM include:

Impaired judgment

Blurred vision

Slurred speech


Nausea and vomiting

Excessive sweating

Loss of motor control

Dissociative (out-of-body) sensations



Irregular heartbeat

Loss of consciousness


Brain damage


The situation becomes even more dangerous when teens abuse drugs they believe are safe and then get behind the wheel. To make matters worse, many teens who experiment with using cough medicine to get high do so when they are already under the influence of another drug, such as alcohol. This intensifies the effects, and, of course, makes driving riskier.

Information on how to abuse DXM is readily available on the internet and via teens’ friends, so parents must counteract it with information of their own – and with vigilance. Here are some tips for parents:
Familiarize yourself with the basics of cough medicine abuse. Words to watch for (on your teen’s internet history) and listen for include Dex, DXM, Robo, Robo-ing, Robo- tripping, Skittles, Skittling, Syrup, Triple-C, and Tussin. DXM is found in syrups, lozenges, tablets, capsules, and gel caps labeled DM, cough suppressant, or tuss, or include the word “tuss” in the name.

Include discussions about the risks of abusing over-the-counter drugs in your regular talks with your teen. Explain the difference between therapeutic dosages and overdosing, as well as the effects. Tell your teen that you want to know whenever they need to take any medication for any reason.

Lock your medicine cabinet or keep medicines that contain DXM in a location that isn’t accessible to your teen. Keep track of how much medicine is in each container. Avoid buying multiples of medicines that contain DXM; doing so can be tempting to teens, and also makes it more difficult for you to keep track of the total amount of medicine in your household.

Observe your teen, your teen’s bedroom and bathroom, and recreational areas carefully for medicinal smells and empty cough medicine containers.