Medicine – Keeping Medicine Out of Reach of Children

When checking to make sure that medicine is out of reach of children, it’s crucial to take a journey of your home with a fine-tooth comb… on your hands and knees. Crawling around your home will enable you to view things from your child’s perspective. Following is a safety inspection for medicine contained in your home.

Make sure medicine is stored in an upper cabinet, like one over the refrigerator, or one that is locked at all times.
Refrain from disposing of medicine in the garbage. Check with your local pharmacist for a local collection program.
Ensure that vitamins, pain relievers and other medicines are not left out on counters.
Secure your refrigerator with a child safety lock if medicines are stored in there.
Check to see if pills have accidentally fallen on the floor, or under a bed where a child could get to it.
Make sure family members or guests don’t leave vitamins or medicine on nightstands which are easily accessible to children.
Make sure medicine stored in a closet is locked at all times.
Move diaper bags and guest bags to a higher ground where a child could not get into them in the event they contain medicine.
Make sure medicine bottles have child-resistant caps.
Use medicines contained in blister packs, when possible, as these are hard for children to open.
Keep liquid medicines in small volumes in child-proof containers.
Clean out the medicine cabinet periodically and throw away outdated medicines.
Dispose of old medicines by pouring them down the drain or toilet only if it is environmentally-safe to do so.
Rinse medicine containers prior to disposing of them.
Refer to medications by their proper names and explain that they must be taken in prescribed dosages.
Avoid taking medication in front of children so they don’t attempt to repeat what they’ve seen.
Avoid drinking medicine from a bottle to prevent taking an incorrect dosage.

Medicines should be kept out of reach of children and stored in a locked area if possible.

Home Safety – Check Your Medicine Cabinet

Children have little sense of what is safe and unsafe, especially when it comes to understanding the dangers of medicine. It’s time to check your medicine cabinet for unused, unneeded, or expired prescriptions. Disposing of these items safely will ensure they keep out of the hand of young people. Following are household safety tips for keeping medicine out of reach of children:

Remove the products from their original containers.
Mix the medicine with used coffee grounds, cat litter, or other undesirable items to divert accidental ingestion by children or pets, or double-bag the medicine.
Seal the mixture in nondescript containers, such as empty jars or sealable bags.
Throw all containers in the trash.
Return unused drugs to the pharmacy take-back locations for safe disposal.
Store used medicine in a locked cabinet, out of sight and out of reach of children.
Use child-resistance caps on all medicine containers.
Keep medicine in its original container so they are not mistaken for something else.
Take medicine with you if you’re called away before administering it, such as when you’re on the phone or if someone is at your front door. Don’t leave the container behind where your child could get a hold of it.
Replace lids and return medicine to its proper storage place as soon as you’re done with it.
Resist the urge to call medicine “candy” so your child will not intentionally seek it out.
Keep purses, diaper bags, guests’ luggage, etc. out of your child’s reach if they contain medicine.
Unpack medicine first from grocery bags before your child has a chance to investigate the contents of the bags.

Try crawling on your hands and knees to view things as your child does. This way, you can check to make sure medicine is out of reach according to your child’s perspective.